Streetphoto in motion

La rue est pour Enrique Medina un perpétuel mouvement, à l’image de ses photos d’urbains pressés de Tokyo, Londres, Madrid ou d’ailleurs. Un travail d’une qualité remarquable.


« J’aime les gens en mouvement, un geste peut changer une image» A voir les photos de rue, d’Enrique Medina, photographe madrilène, personne ne pourrait contester cette inclinaison. Les habitants de Tokyo, Londres, Madrid, ou Paris paraissent toujours pressés, près à s’envoler pour traverser un carrefour. Enrique, qui travaille dans un cabinet d’architecte, arpente les rues sans idée spécifique de prise de vue, l’ombre et la lumière lui dictent ses photos. Il aime se tenir dans un endroit discret pour shoooter « la faune » qu’il a autour de lui.

Londres et Tokyo sont les villes qui l’inspirent le plus. « A Londres, j’aime cette lumière si spéciale. La pluie nettoie continuellement l’air et les couleurs sont purs. » Il revient de son second voyage à Tokyo là encore des photos, parfois floues, d’urbains en mouvement dans le métro, la rue ou les izakayas (brasserie). « Au Japon, les gens ne prêtent pas attention si vous prenez des photos d’eux. Il suffit de leur sourire si vous vous faites attraper ! »

Une passion

Ses photographes préférés sont Henri Cartier Bresson avec son «moment idéal qui m’inspire beaucoup» mais aussi Moriyama Daido, « si choquant », Joan Colom et ses « superbes » images prises dans les années 60 dans le quartier du Raval à Barcelone et Garry Winogrand dont il a vu la dernière exposition.

Pour shooter, il utilise principalement l’iPhone 6 (très discret) et plus rarement le Fujifilm X20. Côté applications, Hyptamatic, Camera +, Snapseed et VSCO. Il publie ses photos sur EyeEm, sour le nom de Vansalaman. 

Enrique a déjà montré ses photos lors de deux expositions à Madrid, mais il manque de temps. « C’est un défi pour moi de me déconnecter de mon travail et de profiter de cette véritable passion. Mais je pense à une nouvelle exposition sur le Japon et pourquoi pas un livre. »

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Interview in english

Are you a professional photographer or not ?

Not really, although I had 2 small exhibitions in my home town Madrid. My every day work barely has nothing to do with photography, as I am involved in architectural process in a Spanish company.

How long do you shoot mobile photography ?

Since long time ago I have been very into photography, with analogue cameras. But when I got my first iPhone in 2009, I really push forward all the views I was looking for during previous years

What is you favorite place to soot ?

I do not have any specific fav location for shooting. Usually I like to walk on streets with no plans and no rules, just following light sometimes, shadows the other, someone special. I keep myself hidden in a discreet spot or enjoying specific ‘fauna’ on the tube and shooting 

Apart from that, maybe two of more inspiring cities for me are London and Tokyo. First one because light is so special and so clean almost everyday, as a little rain is cleaning continually the air and the colours come out pure like they are, in addition is a very flat city, so is very comfortable for flaneuring and shooting. Tokyo is amazing, couple of days ago I came back from there after my second trip and it is so captivating for shooting, continued people fast moving on the street, on the tube, on crossing paths, in the izakayas, elsewhere you go. Particularly like to take blurry shoot in this city and people usually never mind if you take some pics of them as if you smile and bowing a bit to them if you were caught on it.

What is your tool ? 

Now I am using iPhone 6 and Fujifilm X20 less often. Rather to use  discreet cameras. I like to take my shots with built-in iPhone camera mostly and sometimes I like to use Hyptamatic and Camera+ for shooting too

Mainly, I prefer people, each one is so different from the other and in big cities is a free spectacle when they mingling wherever, on the streets, on the underground, at any special building or exhibition. I love people movements and any gesture can change totally a shot

What are your favorite applications to edit yours pics ?

For editing I usually go to Snapseed and I am start using VSCO. I think I have been using it since 2011, and I am really enjoying the experience during these years, having good friends there and continually inspiring me with its work.Also I am on 500px and Flickr.

 What is your favorite photographic subjects ? 

Not a rule fix for that, I wish I could post more often, but I need time for selection and editing, so my fav time for doing is at lunch hour, beer time or at night at home. I really have many work to do with loads of shots of my last trips, a bit stressful feeling, but I love it and is challenging.

The mobile photography and the street photo are very popular now… Do you think it’s a right thing ? A positive evolution ?

Any kind of photography evolution or revolution is always welcomed as more points of view can be discovered. So maybe we need a filter for trying to select best works, but it’s so exciting …. And more good news will come for photography for sure, so let’s play !

 What is your favorite photographers ?

One of my favourites is without any doubt Henri Cartier Bresson with his ‘perfect moment’, very inspiring for new Lately, one of my influences is Moriyama Daido, so shocking, he also worked with Araki. My favourite Spanish one is Joan Colom and the stunning images he took (from his hip) on the 60’s in Raval neighbourhood in Barcelona. Also Alberto García Alix is quite interesting with his dark work. I like to visit many exhibitions as I can, last one I enjoyed was about Garry Winogrand works.

How you use your photos? Participate to events? exhibitions ? books ?

Apart from couple of exhibitions I realised in Madrid, I can not find more time for participating more often in events, etc. So, is a challenge for me to disconnect from my work every day and enjoy this real passion. Now I’m thinking about a new exhibition with Japan works, and maybe a book …

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